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Maso Roveri is a typical family run farm business where grapevines have always been cultivated. Vineyards already so renowned in 1601 that a parchment of that time described them as…. “cum quibusdam pontesthiis vitata finissima”  ( with many quality pergolas ). Maso Roveri is located on the hill of Vò Sinistro d’Avio in Trentino, only two km from the Ala-Avio Motorway exit ( A22 Brennero ).

The Maso Roveri vineyards extend over an area of about eight hectares, on the hillside at 200metres above sea level. More than 30000 vines are cultivated with great dedication by the entire Anzelini family.

At Maso Roveri there is the investment of the passion and experience of those who have cultivated the land, with love, for many generations, caring for the vineyards with total respect for the natural environment. After scrupulous selection of  grapes, wine production takes place exclusively in stainless steel containers with strict controls of temperature,…. then maturation of red wines in quality wood ,… Rigorous controls in accordance with the local regulations of DOC Trentino and Terradeiforti. guarantee the consumer a genuine, secure and healthy wine. The success is assured by the high number of prizes obtained in National Wine Competitions, and above all, by the satisfaction of “ Friends of good wine” who find, in our wine, a warm, happy and sincere friend.

Maso Roveri is always open and visits can also be made by appointment for groups of tourists hunting new emotions, to wine taste , to make a convenient buy or just to pass a few divine hours amongst friends.